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Ready to get those biceps bulging or perfect those pectorals? Whether a fairweather gym-goer or a bona fide gym bunny, we have the facilities and classes to help you get the most from your gym. Our central location with handy transport links, as well as extensive opening hours, means you have no excuse not to maximise our facilities and get as healthy as possible. We’ll be there for you every step of the way. Join us at Ss Gym today!

Get to the improved you faster

Throughout the gym, everyone has access to an unsurpassed amount of specialist equipment for all your fitness needs. Whether you’re looking to crunch your abs, tone your pectorals, or go hard on leg day, we have modern machines for you to use. Or, for those of you who like a more rounded workout, we have a large range of free weights and benches available.

Tailor your fitness regime

Whatever area of the body you want your session to focus on, we have the machines available to help maximise it. With dedicated leg, arm and core equipment, we are here to help boost and tone muscle in the most easy to use and accessible way possible. Or, if you’re here for the total cardio experience, we have an array rowing, running and crossfit machines for you to use.


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